New Online Group for Fiction Writers

Calling mainstream fiction writers, indie or traditional: I’m setting up a new online group.

The focus of this group is intended to be on the practical part of things: strategies for getting published, marketing ideas, what works/doesn’t work for indie or traditional writers in the mainstream fiction space — which is to say, not genre fiction such as romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on.

That said, there are lots of blurry lines. I don't mean to exclude people who are partly in the genre space, but are writing mainstream fiction.

My theory is that the challenges are different for mainstream fiction writers. There are a number of good writer groups, but the ones I frequent seem to get dominated by genre fiction writers.

Also, while there are groups that specifically forbid pitching your book (because that’s annoying, and not what the group is for), often the conversation involves a lot of complaining about what’s not working, asking for sympathy … all well and good, but it makes it harder to pick out the core, practical parts.

Presumably the people who join this group will take it in one direction or another — but the idea I have is to try to stick to the practical business of being a writer, and try not to veer off into becoming a place to vent.

Interested? It’s early days. If you different ideas about what’s needed, join and speak up. Here’s how:

(1) Set up an account on

(2) Either find the group (search for Mainstream Fiction Writers) and request to join, or send me a note using the contact form and I’ll send you an invite.

idka group for writers

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